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          CENTRE DONATIONS: At this time, we are only accepting NEW diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, baby food/formula, and/or feminine pads. We ask that people wishing to donate these items contact us first to arrange a safe-drop off time at the Centre. For other donations, we ask that you set them aside at home and bring them to the Centre when we can safely reopen.
          Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre



          During this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the MSCPC would like you to know that we are still available for clients.  Although our centre is closed, if you need to talk, please email info@ and one of our client advocates will reach out to you.  You can find more information about our response to COVID-19 here.

          Also, did you hear about our Operation Porch Pick Up?

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          The Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre (MSCPC) is a charitable organization serving the southern area of York Region. Here at MSCPC we are dedicated to offering loving, factual and practical support and services to all individuals involved in crisis pregnancy, post-abortion or single parenting situations.

          The MSCPC is made up of dedicated and caring staff, trained volunteers and an overseeing board of directors. Our organization is based on principles of love, mercy, grace, kindness and compassion.

          We are committed to offering free and confidential services before, during and after unplanned pregnancies. We desire to be a safe place that offers care and support during unexpected or difficult circumstances.

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          Mission Statement

          The Crisis Pregnancy Centre is dedicated to showing the love of Christ to the community through education and action by providing support to all individuals involved in crisis pregnancy, post-abortion or single parenting.

          Vision Statement

          Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Crisis Pregnancy Centre will be known in our community as the leading source of exceptional support for individuals accessing their services; transforming lives, from crisis to thriving.